Our Employees

To attract and retain a top-notch workforce, we continually look for better ways to deliver rewards, foster an inclusive culture and listen to employees.

Kristina is a financial services supervisor at Best Buy with a passion to see improvement – whether it’s in people, processes or the company. She’s worked in several different professions and drawn from her own life experience to find purpose in what she does. Those passions helped launch the Best Buy Reciprocal Mentorship program. It’s open to all employees through the Employee Business Networks (EBNs) and helps participants engage in relationships with other employees in a way where each person gives and takes, where both are learners and both are teachers. It encourages senior leaders to connect with emerging leaders, and all participants to work across different ethnic backgrounds, religions, sexual orientations and other aspects of diversity. As a result, the mentorships help employees foster a better understanding around embracing the differences in themselves and in other people.

“We can have all the latest and greatest,” she said. “But it’s the people that make our business and make it all work. If we use our time to take care of our people and guide them in the right direction – everything else is going to find its place.”