As a leading global retailer and corporate citizen, Best Buy believes that it’s important to work with policymakers on issues impacting our customers, employees, businesses, shareholders and communities. We know that collaboration helps bring about change that better serves our communities where we live and work. Our public policy work directly aligns with our aspiration to be environmentally and socially accountable for our brands and business operations worldwide.

2013 Public Policy Priorities

Marketplace Fairness

Best Buy supports updates to the tax code that reflect today’s marketplace and would place the same sales tax collection obligations on all sellers, regardless of whether sales are made in-store or online. In addition, Best Buy supports broad-based, comprehensive tax reform that encourages job creation and investment by reducing complexity in the individual and corporate tax codes.


Best Buy strongly supports the goal of ensuring broadband availability and access to help all households and businesses benefit from the digital world while spurring innovation and job creation.

Financial Services

Best Buy supports policies aimed at protecting critical credit offerings for consumers and reducing credit and debit card interchange fees.

Jobs & Economic Growth

Best Buy supports efforts that encourage job creation, which is vital to economic growth and recovery. As a job creator in every state, we support efforts that promote employment and a competitive workforce.


Customer and employee privacy and data security are essential to our customers, employees and the growth of our business. Best Buy is committed to privacy protections and also ensuring a relationship with our customers that better understands and serves their needs and interests.